Alba Guitar Beads Long Grey Size Large Sleeves - Arm protection for Classical and Flamenco guitarists


If you're a guitar player looking for a way to protect your arms while playing, an arm sleeve might be just what you need. Here are some reasons why an arm sleeve can be useful for guitar players:

  1. Protects your arm from the guitar's finish: Over time, the finish on your guitar can wear down due to contact with your arm. An arm sleeve can help prevent this by providing a barrier between your arm and the guitar.

  2. Provides smooth slide:  With our arm sleeves, your arm slides on the guitar while playing. This can be especially useful for guitar players who tend to sweat a lot.

  3. Adds comfort: Our arm sleeves are made from soft, breathable materials that can help keep you comfortable while playing. This can be especially useful if you're playing for long periods of time.

An arm sleeve can be a great investment for guitar players who want to protect their instruments and their arms while playing. Our guitar arm sleeves are specifically designed for guitar players from breathable materials.

When you play the guitar in a warmer climate with high temperatures or for longer hours, your arm would stick to your guitar due to perspiration. The salt and skin oils in the sweat would affect the guitar's finish.

The Alba Guitar Beads Sleeves protect your guitar from sweat while playing your instrument. Your arm can move without friction and without sticking to the guitar,  protecting your guitar finish from perspiration and wear. 

The sleeves are made of elastic superior-quality fabric, breathable material to provide comfort..

The multifunctional elegant design is hard-wearing and perfect against the sweat and rubbing of your arm against the guitar.

Available in 2 colours - grey and black and in two lengths.


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