About Us

The Alba guitar beads brand is home to the most innovative classical guitar and flamenco guitar accessories for modern-day guitar players, tailored for acoustic, nylon string guitars!  

Inspired by the musicians’ community, we create guitar accessories which aim to improve your guitar-playing skills and help you achieve your musical dreams. When we design our unique products, we collaborate with some of the best guitarists in the classical and flamenco world. We are passionate about music and obsessed with guitars, and our products are meticulously selected to provide comfort and help you reach new sonar heights like never before. The Alba guitar beads brand products are used by musicians worldwide daily, on stages in front of thousands of people, in studios and at home. 

There are no limits to our imagination. We drive ourselves to the bounds of the traditional and beyond of the classical and flamenco guitar world. We are dreamers and believe that modern, high technologies and new ideas have a place in the classical and flamenco music realms. We genuinely believe our innovative products will help musicians reach their goals and inspire new players to progress in the traditional world of classical and flamenco guitar.  


Some of our main products include Alba Guitar Beads, Alba Guitar Grasp, Alba Guitar Armrest, Alba Guitar Sleeves, Alba Guitar Dust Cover, Alba Guitar Guard, Alba Guitar Support, Alba Guitar Cases, and all of these will indeed work for you to improve your guitar tone and playing skills. Come and check us out!