Alba Guitar Beads Nail Repair Silk Sheets

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Transform Your Guitar Playing with the Alba Guitar Beads Nail Repair Silk Sheets!


Unravel the secret to impeccable guitar performance with our Alba Guitar Beads Nail Repair Silk Sheets – the definitive solution for repairing, strengthening, and extending your nails. With 30 years of guitar playing expertise, we bring you a product designed by guitarists, for guitarists.


 Key Features:


Premium Quality Silk:

Each package contains 5 sheets of high-grade silk, measuring 9cm by 5cm. Crafted with precision and care; these silk sheets are your go-to tool for achieving the perfect nail strength and length. Our silk sheets work with all makes and brands of nail resin and nail glue.


Versatile Usage:

Whether you need to repair a broken nail, strengthen your nails, or extend them for a flawless performance, The Alba Guitar Beads Silk Sheets are your trusted companion. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of guitarists, these sheets are a game-changer in nail care.


Simple Application Steps:

 Success begins with nail preparation. Ensure your nails are thoroughly dry and free from any remnants of glue or plastic applications. Use your preferred solvent to eliminate any traces. In the event of a broken nail, trim it to the shortest length possible and shape it accordingly. This meticulous preparation sets the stage for a clean and effective application. Tailor the flexibility or hardness of your nails by selecting the desired number of silk layers to match your preference.


Customizable Sizing:

The size of the silk depends on your initial nail width and desired length. Cover the entire width of the nail, leaving 3 to 4 mm longer than the required length. Create a layer gradation for superior solidity and tailor the silk to your unique nail needs.


Seamless Application:

Applying the silk is a breeze – press it onto the nail, spread resin or glue of your choice evenly, and achieve the desired hardness with additional layers. Use a small plastic or wooden stick to ensure precise application, and the flexibility of the silk allows for easy correction of imperfections.


Shape and Style Your Nails:

Nail shaping becomes an art with our silk sheets. Cut close to your desired shape, let it dry, sand for perfection, and voila – your nails are ready for a flawless performance. The drying time may vary based on environmental conditions.


Easy Removal Process:

Safely remove the silk by pressing the sides. In case of resistance, avoid pulling and use a solvent with acetone or any other solvent of your choice for a gentle removal process. Your nails remain healthy and unharmed.


Alba Guitar Beads Silk Sheets Are:


Expert-Designed for Musicians:

Constructed with insights from seasoned guitarists, Alba Guitar Beads Nail Silk Sheets cater to the unique needs of musicians, ensuring a seamless fusion of functionality and performance.


One less concern ahead of your performance:

Let your guitar playing do the talking with nails that look and feel flawless. Alba Guitar Beads Silk Sheets allows you to focus on your music, not your nails.


Supreme Quality:

Trust in the quality of our silk sheets – your ticket to a professional, polished look for every performance.


 Order Now and Experience the Alba Guitar Beads Silk Sheets Advantages – Where Precision Meets Performance!

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