Alba Guitar Beads Ping-Pong Nails Repair set

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Introducing the Alba Guitar Beads Ping-Pong Nails Repair set!

Get on a revolutionary journey with the Alba Guitar Beads ping pong nails repair kit, an innovative solution meticulously crafted for guitarists by guitarists. The durability and versatility of our ping pong nails repair set is outstanding. 

 Key Features:

Dynamic Material Duo:

Our set of 6 ping pong balls is assembled from a harmonious blend of 3 halved ABS material and 3 halved cellulose material ping pong balls. This unique combination offers an extended range of options for shaping your nails with different strength, flexibility, and resilience.

Refined Crafting Technique:

Begin with a ping-pong ball already expertly halved along the rib for optimal structure. Sculpt a square, roughly 1 inch in diameter, and intricately carve a half-moon to harmonize with your natural nail shape. Effortlessly slide it beneath your nail for a flawless fit, adjusting as necessary for a seamless application. Consider testing both ABS and Cellulose materials to determine which suits your nail and playing style best.

Secure Application Technique:

Use careful application and apply a thin layer of superglue along the top of the ping-pong nail to create a sturdy bond between the ping pong piece and the natural nail. Hold it in place until secure, and then apply another thin layer at the connection point for added resilience.

Versatile Length and Shape:

Modify your nails to your desired length and shape, using clippers and files to refine the artificial nail, creating a seamless blend between the ping pong nail and your natural nail.

Extended Durability:

Enjoy weeks of playing with the ping pong nails, provided you care for them appropriately. Reapply small amounts of glue to areas that may separate from the nail, ensuring an extended lifespan. Embrace the freedom to shape, polish, and play without compromise.

Professional Expertise:

Developed by guitarists, our Ping-Pong Nails are designed to meet the unique demands of musicians, ensuring reliability and performance excellence.

Innovative Material Fusion:

The blend of ABS and cellulose materials creates a resilient yet flexible nail, offering an unparalleled playing experience that adapts to your unique style.

Creativity Released:

Our ping pong nails allow you to shape and polish your nails to perfection, letting you to show your musical talent with unparalleled confidence.

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