Classical Guitar Armrest, Dark Brown Acoustic, Flamenco Guitar Arm Rest Alba Guitar ArmRest

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The Alba guitar Armrest Is the latest addition to the Alba guitar family of accessories for nylon string guitar players. The armrest is fabricated from exceptionally durable PC material, and its surface is decorated with an elaborated wood grain graphic. Thanks to advanced image application technology, it is hard to tell it isn’t a wooden product. The top is finished with a gloss topcoat to provide a sleek surface for the arm. The armrest design pinnacle is the elegant curve that allows the forearm to sit comfortably. The Alba guitar Armrest was designed for the standard classical guitars and flamenco guitars but would also fit a variety of other instruments.

 The armest installation is effortless, with two suction cups to attach to the guitar’s side. It has two cork pads on each bout to prevent scratches to the guitar top. This installation technique lets the guitar top vibrate freely without damping the sound. You might also notice an increase in the guitar’s volume and projection since the armrest minimises the damping of the top caused by the forearm. The armrest is designed to sit on the guitar side, approximately 5mm above the canopy. Once attached, the guitar rest would be adequate in most guitar cases on the guitar. Fit it once and forget about it while travelling, although we advise removing the armrest after each use to preserve your guitar finish.

The armrest is exceptionally comfortable for the right forearm. It creates a smooth cushion and prevents friction between your arm and the guitar - you don’t need to change your posture and re-adjust your playing style. Thus it provides much comfort without sacrificing/changing your forearm positioning. The Alba Guitar ArmRest covers a broader area of the guitar to give the utmost luxury for most guitar-playing and forearm styles. It absorbs any top corner wear finish, also on the binding and on the side.

We designed the Alba Guitar Armrest to accommodate both left and right-handed players.

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