Alba Guitar Beads Ultimate Nail Care Set

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Presenting the Alba Guitar Beads Ultimate Nail Care Set


Unleash the full potential of your musical expression with the Alba Guitar Beads Ultimate Nail Care Set – a comprehensive package meticulously designed to enhance the connection between you and your guitar. Crafted with the understanding of musicians' needs, this set is a work of care, repair, and perfection.


 Key Features and content of the set:


Hard-Wearing Anti-Scratch Pouch:

Safeguard your essential tools in our durable, anti-scratch pouch, ensuring they remain in pristine condition wherever your musical journey takes you.


Electric Nail Filing Machine (shipped separately):

Embrace precision and efficiency with our electric nail filing machine, a powerful companion for achieving the perfect nail shape tailored to your playing style.


Silk Nail Repair Sheets Set:

Restore and strengthen your nails with our silk repair sheets, providing a delicate touch and reliable reinforcement for lasting resilience.


Ping Pong Balls Repair Set:

Innovatively crafted ping pong balls become your secret weapon for versatile nail repair, allowing you to shape, strengthen, and refine with ease.


Sanding Papers Nails Repair Set:

Elevate your nail care routine with our expertly cut sanding papers, ensuring a smooth finish and precise shaping for optimal fingerstyle guitar tone.


Set of Plastic Nails:

Explore various shapes and sizes with our set of plastic nails, empowering you to experiment with different tones and find the perfect match for your musical expression.


Half-Moon Shaped Scissors:

Manufactured for precision, our half-moon shaped scissors are the perfect tool for intricate nail shaping, ensuring you achieve the desired contour effortlessly.


Nano File:

Fine-tune your nail edges with the nano file, delivering unparalleled control over the finishing touches for a flawless playing experience.


Nail Clippers:

Trim and shape your nails with ease using our high-quality nail clippers, an essential component for achieving the perfect length and contour.


Wooden Poles:

Immerse yourself in a sensory experience with our wooden poles, offering a natural touch and a comfortable grip as you refine your nails to perfection.


Define Your Tone:

Your nails are the gateway to your instrument. This set empowers you to shape, seal, and finish your nails for a beautiful, smooth surface calibrated to produce an astonishing fingerstyle guitar tone.


Trusted by Professionals:

Join the global community of professional guitarists who entrust their tone to the Alba Guitar Beads Ultimate Nail Care Set, a unique ensemble of the highest-quality, tested, and proven products.


Eliminate Nail Issues:

Say goodbye to problems like brittle, peeling, cracked, or split nails. Our set is designed to eliminate and significantly reduce these issues, providing the care and support your nails deserve.

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