Alba Guitar Beads Sanding Papers Nail Care Set

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Alba GB: Premium Classical Guitar Accessories

We are on a mission to take your playing experience to the highest level. With our innovative products, you can transform your classical guitars into extraordinary instruments, reaching new heights of musical performance.

Endless sustain
Warmer tone
Crystal clear sound
Protect your bridge
Perfect intonation
Stay in tune for longer

About Alba Guitar Beads Sanding Papers Nail Care Set

Easy to Install

Crafted to last

Compatible with all types of strings

Offered in a variety of colours

Prevent Scratches & Grooves

Classical guitar accessories for modern-day guitar players

Inspired by the musicians’ community, we create guitar accessories which aim to improve your guitar-playing skills and help you achieve your musical dreams. When we design our unique products, we collaborate with some of the best guitarists in the classical and flamenco world.


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